Sunday, January 22, 2012

Competition time! Life is Sweet.

Today I am celebrating - this blog has had 10,000 hits since I started it in April 2010. Thankyou so much to all my visitors, those who have visited it intentionally or otherwise (sorry to have disappointed several people who apparently hit on the Frankie Howerd piece having Googled "big titters").

To mark this momentous occasion, those lovely Dodgy boys are giving me a signed copy of their seminal 1996 album Free Peace Sweet. How fab is that?

And you, wonderful blog visitors, can win it. To be in with a chance, please comment with something (nice!) below, or alternatively tweet me @MrsRives with the hashtag #IloveTheSmudge.

(Or, for those who can do neither, please comment on the FB link).

Closing date in about two weeks or so.


  1. I just love to be first at something. But I do think you are a good writer too ;-)

  2. Well done Cat! The reviews are a great way to bring traffic - comedy reviews I wrote back in 2006 still bring in a steady flow of hits and I suspect will carry on doing so! So keep up the good work and here's to 100,000 - and it will happen if you keep writing!

  3. Self-blotting ink... ...It's the future!

  4. I was looking for a car to buy, want an old Cortina. Any clues?

    Good blogage!

  5. EXCELLENT to see another Blogger covering Dodgy! Everyone will be blown away by their new album too! keep up the good work ;)

  6. Well done Catta! You're a star!! :-)

    Adam H

  7. Well done Cata!!! Is it really that long; I remember us starting blogs like it was yesterday! I think blogging years are like dog years; they seem different to human ones! xxx