Sunday, June 30, 2013

You've got male - an interview (of sorts) with Stewart Francis

Last autumn, I was asked if I would like to do an email interview with comedian Stewart Francis, ahead of his tour. For some reason, I never got round to knocking it into a publishable format for the Newbury Weekly News, so here it is in a semi-publishable format instead.  

Catriona Reeves: How would you persuade people to come and see your live show and what can people expect?

Stewart Francis: I would persuade people to go by telling them that Michael McIntyre was performing. They can expect to see me performing.

CR: You're a native Canadian - what do you miss about your homeland, and what do you like about living in the UK?

SF: I miss having my inhaler. I like the number of asthma clinics the UK has. 

CR: Have you always been a one-liner comedian, or have you tried other types of stand-up?

SF: Yes, no.

CR: Do you have any special tips or tricks for committing your jokes to memory for your live shows?

SF: Not really, I've just always had a great memory. I probably get that from my ah, um...  

CR: You often pop up on the telly - do you enjoy doing the panel shows?

SF: I don't enjoy doing panel shows because the other comedians always interrupt me which I find (SORRY TO INTERRUPT EVERYONE, DARA O BRIAIN HERE, JUST LETTING YOU KNOW THAT TICKETS FOR MY TOUR CRAIC DEALER ARE AVAILABLE AT TICKETMASTER.CO.UK) irritating.

CR: Which are your all-time favourite jokes (yours, or other peoples)?

SF: I'm not a fan of my jokes but one of my all-time favourite's would have to be Tommy Cooper's: " I was cleaning up the attic last week for the wife... filthy dirty, covered in cobwebs...

...But she's good with the kids".

CR: Anything else that you think the readers of the Newbury Weekly News should know about you?

SF: They should know that I look forward to both of them being at the Reading show.

The tour that Stewart was promoting has now long gone, but luckily he's back on the road this autumn with The Lumberjacks - aka himself and fellow Canadians Craig Campbell and Glenn Wool. It doesn't look like he's coming to Reading.

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